Rollbase provides professional outsourced application design and development services.

With customers from small to midsized businesses and ISVs, local and national government organizations, and some of the largest companies in the Asia Pacific region, has years of expertise building sophisticated business applications and websites on the Rollbase platform.

Document Library

The Document Library application is a simple yet powerful application that allows users to store documents. Additionally, documents can be accessed publicly via a built in web portal.

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Employee Management

The Employee Management application provides an employee profile tool that can help companies maintain up to date contact and resume information for employees. This application comes equipped with a portal that allows employees to create and maintain profiles.

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The Ideas application is designed to enhance the management of product enhancement requests. This application is designed to engage your end users in the design stage of your product by submitting unique ideas that spring up from their own use/implementation of your product.

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The Forums application offers a simple and effective method for managing group discussions. Regardless of what product or industry you are in you can deploy the forum portal in a matter of minutes to start discussions amongst your customer community.

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The iRollbase application is a good starting point for Rollbase developers. This application provides an immediate and easy to use solution for some common issues related to information sharing.

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The FAQ application allows users to quickly and easily record frequent questions and their respective answers. Questions can be categorized using a customizable category list.

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Recruitday is a comprehensive, next generation Talent Acquisition suite for small businesses and enterprises ranging from 1 to 10,000 employees.

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This is the default application that comes with your account when you first signup for Rollbase. Here you can manage Meetings and To-Dos in the standard list view format as well as in the Rollbase Calendar.

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The Survey application demonstrates how to use the new “Survey” and “Survey Taker” object attributes to build online surveys and questionnaires into your new or existing objects.

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Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base applications provide a low maintenance knowledge management tool. Creating a new knowledge article takes only seconds. Users will have the ability to publish articles to an external portal accessible to non Rollbase users.

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Mortgage Manager

Mortgage Manager is a starter application for anyone in the home loan business. This application provides a complete set of features for sorting and managing loan applicant and application information as well as relevant calculations.

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Rollbase now provides a way to upload Microsoft Access databases and automatically convert them into functioning Rollbase applications. This Northwind application demonstrates the results of this process on the standard Microsoft “Northwind” example database.

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Order Management

The Order Management application allows you to manage a catalog of products and related information such as unit price, product details, etc.

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Organization Management

This application is used for managing your organization’s locations, departments, functions and user groups in a hierarchical fashion.

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Policy Tracker

The Policy Tracker application is designed to allow users to track policies and offenders. Violation can be cross referenced by department to help companies analyze and make decisions.

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The HR/Payroll application is designed to help organizations record, manage and monitor employee information and process employee payroll. The system includes all the core functionalities required of a basic Human Resources System by providing a central location to access employee information, compensation and benefits, timekeeping and payroll.

Franchise Management

This application is an easy-to-use, effective, and highly configurable Franchise Management application that helps businesses monitor its relationships, interactions and agreements with franchises.

Customer Relationship Management

The CRM application is designed to manage interactions between a company, its customers and prospects.

Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Management application is a fully integrated tool used to manage key business processes across networks of organizations from end-customer through original suppliers. This application is the next lean frontier in enhancing quality, improving customer experience, speeding operations, and reducing costs.

Accounting System

The Accounting System application is designed for small and medium enterprises across various industries to provide a simplified and reliable computerized accounting environment.


The Rollbase team develops custom applications to cater to specific requirements and needs of clients from various industries.


  • E-loans
  • Stock Monitoring
  • Client Referral Management
  • Micro Insurance
  • Micro Financing
  • Call Center Ticketing
  • Insurance System
  • Campaigns Management
  • PERA Application
  • Commission Tracking System
  • Mortgage System
  • Check Writing
Education and Training

  • Air Insurance
  • Travel Tax System
Real Estate
Other Custom Apps
  • Resource and Project Management
  • Telco CRM
  • Dealer Management
  • Case Management
  • Trade Asset Management